A New Way of having Crochet Circles Meetups

Baby Layette set

Since the pandemic our crochet circle Brooklyn Crochet Connection aka BCC has not met in person at the Grace Agard Neighborhood Center, located 966 Fulton St in Brooklyn, on Wednesdays. We sit with light snacks and crochet, offer help and ideas on projects. We have onlookers who would like to learn or just love watching us and ask questions which we are happy to answer. Some have donated yarn to our group, when they find out we crochet, knit and donate our work to homeless students, veterans etc. .

As members of BCC, we get exclusive behind the scenes access to the new TV show Brooklyn Crochet Presents (BCP) and automatic invitations to be part of the studio audience and showcase our work to decorate the set of the TV show. It’s wonderful to see your crochet work on TV plus your name in the credits. Don’t forget to tape the show. The shows are on BRIC TV ( check your local listings) under Brooklyn Crochet, next show December. After each filming BCC, offers a feast of thanksgiving to the production staff, where we show off our cooking skills from the various cultural representatives in our BCC family.

A strong bond Has been developed amongst the group, we miss this bond. Yvonne Sloan Cherry, our founder and leader suggested we do meetup over the computer at the same time we were meeting. It’s has been a blessing we still can see each share the tears and happy times some of the members have had illnesses, deaths during this time we can offer virtual hugs and prayers for our group. We had a virtual crochet and sip party, snacks, beverages of choice we drank out of lovely goblets did more snacking than crocheting that day. During times like these people are stressed feeling depressed, suicidal etc., because of what’s going on in the country, meeting virtually for those who have access is a God send. People need people, they need to feel appreciated self worth, this pandemic is knocking some people down. Our meetup has given us a larger audience we met some new friends, former members who relocated now join us virtually it’s been awesome. We still can showcase what we made, plus we post them on our BCC website. We had an unboxing of yarn that Cascade Yarn company donated, they are the sponsors of our TV show Brooklyn Crochet Presents: Make and Take Crochet. Cascade Yarn was one of the companies that donated the yarn for the shows and the next show will be on crochet face mask. Cascade sent us a vast assortment of yarns to be used. We are now prepping for a holiday show with a guest crocheter ( more info forthcoming).

BCP/BCC are members who are grateful for the virtual fellowship during this isolation time, we still discuss future projects when this is over. Hope to see you at the next virtual meetup. Remember stay safe and healthy continue to crochet or knit . Happy Holidays.

Madame Secretary: Ruth Fulton Foster

Pictures of Brooklyn Crochet Connect meetups at Quincy St Sr Center and Michaels arts and craft store on Atlantic Ave.

Sandy Bell on Posh Mark at Sandy’s Closet

Phyllis’s Original Crochet Corner

Crochet face masks,submitted by Gi Gi Charles

Granny Square Blank, hat and scarf set, poncho, black and silver face mask by Elizabeth Washington

Crochet mermaid outfit and initial blanket submitted by Ruth Fulton Foster

You can show your support this holiday by ordering your holiday gifts from the ladies of Brooklyn Crochet Connection. These women donate a countless amount of crochet hours and yarn crocheting charitable gifts for various organizations and groups. Making a difference one stitch at a time.

BCC at Quincy Street Senior Center

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