Brooklyn Crochet Connection Crochet Circle is still active

(throwback photos: Ruth Fulton Foster modeling her sweater she made at the NYC Crochet Guild Annual Luncheon at Dinosaur BBQ, top left: Mrs. Barbara Griffin we her donation for our Homeless American Veterans Project we did and bottom left we have Mrs. Phyllis Graham Anderson of StitchbyPGA and on FaceBook Phyllis’s Original Crochet Corner)

It has been a long while since my last post. I had to take a break due to medical issues. Since my summer of cupcakes with my granddaughters I gained lots of weight that summer and had lots of fun with them they have grown so much since 2015.

I am now hosting the Brooklyn Crochet Connection Crochet Circle at Michael’s located at 252 Atlantic Avenue this season. We meet on Thursday’s from 2-4p.m. after Discover ‘Time for Crochet class which is at 11-1:30. The class is 2 1/2 hours cost $15. You are welcome to stay and join us after class. The circle is not a class. It’s a “Crochet Village of like-minded crafters crocheting for ourselves, family, friends and the community.” It’s a place to come relax, get crafty and do community work. I do not teach at the circle. You can click this link to join Brooklyn Crochet Connection or after registering for a class I am teaching at Michael’s RSVP on the Meet up site and let me know you will attend the class. I only come into teach if someone has paid for Michael’s Discover Time classes in advance.

This season we have two hospitals in Brooklyn, NY,  that we are working with to crochet hats for pre-mature babies. You can drop off your donations at the crochet circle. We will be delivering the hats before the Holidays.

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  1. Awesome

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    “Rest before Restoration” Retired Relaxed Rejuvenated


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