About Brooklyn Crochet Connection

Brooklyn Crochet Connection was founded by Crochet Artist -Yvonne Sloan Cherry, lover of all things crocheted. At Brooklyn Crochet Connection (BCC), we promote community crochet circles, the art of crochet designs and crochet crafts. ( photo l-r: Yvonne Sloan Cherry, President, Phyllis Graham Anderson, Vice President, Ruth Fulton-Forster, Madame Secretary

Join our weekly Online Crochet Circle every Wednesday 1-3pm

The family crochet program is making a difference one stitch at a time by using crochet as a therapeutic craft. Crocheting gifts for homeless children, veteran’s and sick children in Brooklyn and the NYC area is one of our annual community projects that we do.

Yes you can – make yourself happy by just relaxing and crocheting the day away creating beautiful crocheted garments for the ones you love. Enjoy the economic advantages of crocheting your own garments and accessories, or even start your own circle in your community – we can help you with that too.

Our newsletter will spotlight various members of our crochet circles

Brooklyn Crochet Connection, is a  intergenerational program geared towards passing on skills, gifts, abilities and talents of our elders to our youth through crocheting.  This is our way of giving back to our community

Looking for online crochet patterns or private crochet lessons online or in public places join me on my website at Brooklyn Crochet.

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