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Brooklyn Crochet Connection Online Crochet Circle

Gigi’s Crochet creation from the Brooklyn Crochet Presents, Make and Take Crochet TV Show, Cascade Yarn’s give away – that aired on Bric TV

Brooklyn Crochet Connection Wednesday’s Crochet Circle at Grace Agard Harewood Senior Center 966 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, is being hosted online by Phyllis Graham Anderson, Ruth Fulton Foster and myself.
You can join our meetup site at And Take Crochet RSVP to get the link to join in and to keep informed with when the Circle will be at the Center again. Once outside opens back up.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Crochet and Knitting Community at this time. Many of us have loss family members including myself. We are using our talents to help others by crocheting, knitting and even pulling out the sewing machine to make mask.
Hoping that you will join us. Show & Tell us what you’ve been working on.

Crochet mask made from 100 % cotton is what I recommend using. I made this with #CascadeYarns Niffty Cotton Splash
Griselaine Charles aka Gigi, Crochet Artist & Instructor

I wanted to Highlight one our Brooklyn Crochet Connection, Crochet Queens, Gigi of @GisenaldCreations on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t film for TV but we can still do an interview right. Here’s our Q&A

Q: Who was the person in your life that inspired you to crochet and at what age did you pick up the crochet hook?
A: No one in my family I know of

I was in my late 20’s, it was a co- worker who taught me.
She was so patient but I was annoyed that I couldn’t do it, so I stopped for awhile. She told me when I am ready, she will there. Boy, she was there . JANET BENIGNO


Q: what was the first stitch you learned?
A: The first stitch I learned was Single Crochet


Q: what was the first project you completed?
A:My first project was a sweater for my son (Zuma)😍

Q:What are some of your crochet projects that you are working on?
A: I am always working on a project.

Q: I know you were the Crochet Instructor and Host for Eric Adams‘, ( #ericadams the Brooklyn Borough President), program Brooklyn Crochets’ for a Cause. This program pick a cause like autism or diabetes and other causes every year. Then everyone gets together once a week to crochet gifts to give out. Plus I know you have your own personal charitable crochet projects that you do.

Brooklyn Crochet 4 a Cause Banner by Gigi @grisnaldcreations

A: I have been a member of Brooklyn Crochets 4 A Cause for 4 years now. Last year I had the honor of being the Crochet Instructor and being in the presence of such talented and devoted ladies. I learned so much from them.

Q: How do you choose the fibers and colors that you use in your projects?
A: I work with almost anything, colors depend on the project.

Gift basket side view @grisnaldcreations

Q: Where can we purchase your crochet creations?
A: I am on Facebook and Instagram: Gisenald Creations

Gift basket @grisnaldcreations

Q: And finally, when you grab your yarn and hook and get comfortable in your favorite crocheting spot what’s your favorite crochet snack to grab?

A: My favorite snack Hagen Daaz Ice Cream and Skinny Cow Vanilla.

Gigi’s banner

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