American Homeless Veteran Project Granny Squares

Homeless American Veterans Project


This year our member Mrs. Phyllis Graham Anderson of Phyllis Crochet Corner, suggested that we do a crochet project that would help American Veterans. It was decided that we would crochet 10 inch Granny Squares and join them to make blankets to give to Homeless American Veterans. Working under Families United Inc; with help from the members in our  Brooklyn Crochet Connection, Crochet Community on our Make and Take Crochet Meet up site, including the following people and companies such as Jack Blumenthal and Lion Brand Yarns, Made in America Yarns, Jagger Spun, Lesley Muruo and Kraemer Textiles, There are several other companies that will be donating such as Mady Fechner and Silk City Fibers,  I will say that I wish we didn’t have to do this project.  It breaks my heart to think that in this country we would have Homeless Veterans.  Homelessness and Serving your country should not go together. Nevertheless we at Brooklyn Crochet Connection will be crocheting for our American Veterans this year from Memorial Day through Veteran Day this year we will be seeking out Veterans Organization that work with homeless vets to provide them with the blanket we make.  You can help to if you would like to donate 10 inch granny squares or even blankets for the Homeless Veterans you can bring them to our Crochet Circle anytime. Just check the meet up site for time and location



One thought on “Homeless American Veterans Project

  1. Congratulations, I will bring in my squares.

    Sent from my IPAD “Rest before Restoration” Retired Relaxed Rejuvenated


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