Our Deepest Sympathy to Trezher & Kennedy Walker and Family

This is a very painful post for me. One of our young members Trezher Walker, mother Sheena Walker,  passed away on March20, 2013.

When our crochet circle began my daughter Zakyya and Sheena came to the Brooklyn Crochet Connection crochet circle with their daughters.

Sheena came with flyers that were a different color than the ones I had been giving out. She had made extra copies of one of my flyers and had been handing them out to promote the crochet circle. I was so thankful to her for that especially since I had not seen Sheena in years .

You don’t often see young mothers taking such a active role in the activities that their children enjoy. Sheena came prepared. She had yarn, hooks and book with training video. I was impressed by her enthusiasm.

Sheena asked me to show her how to crochet so that when she gets home she would be able to help her daughter with her crochet project. Now y’all know that just warmed my heart. The fact that she was willing and wanting to learn to help Trezher at home. wow

Services for Sheena will be held on March 28, 2013   the Zion Shiloh Baptist Church, 188 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205.  The viewing is 4-7 p.m. and the services will be held directly after the viewing  and 7 p.m.

We at Brooklyn Crochet Connection, send our deepest sympathy to the Roberts and Walker family


One thought on “Our Deepest Sympathy to Trezher & Kennedy Walker and Family

  1. Sheena walker was a very good friend of mind she was a beautiful person so sorry WHAT HAPPEN TO HER?

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